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.325" Semi-Chisel/Full-Chisel Chainsaw chains w/ or w/o Safety Bumper Link

Material: Waelzholz Steel
Brand: HPY
Gauge: .050", .058", .063"
Type: Semi-Chisel, Full-Chisel
Packing: Reel box/Carton box/Blister
Safety: w/ or w/o Bumper Link
Product Details

325ANon-Safety Semi-Chisel Chain.325".050"Semi-Chisel0
325BSafety Semi-Chisel Chain with Bumper Link.325".050"Semi-Chisel1
325CNon-Safety Full-Chisel Chain.325".050"Full-Chisel0
325DSafety Full-Chisel Chain with Bumper Link.325".050"Full-Chisel1
325ENon-Safety Semi-Chisel Chain.325".058"Semi-Chisel0
325FSafety Semi-Chisel Chain with Bumper Link.325".058"Semi-Chisel1
325GNon-Safety Full-Chisel Chain.325".058"Full-Chisel0
325HSafety Full-Chisel Chain with Bumper Link.325".058"Full-Chisel1
325INon-Safety Full-Chisel Chain.325".058"Full-Chisel0
325JNon-Safety Semi-Chisel Chain.325".063"Semi-Chisel0
325KSafety Semi-Chisel Chain with Bumper Link.325".063"Semi-Chisel1
325LNon-Safety Full-Chisel Chain.325".063"Full-Chisel0
325MSafety Full-Chisel Chain with Bumper Link.325".063"Full-Chisel1

. 325" Semi-Chisel Application

The chain for professional woodcutters who want low-vibration chain on their .325" pitch saws.

  • Cutters have small-radius working corrers for fast cutting and easy sharpening

  • Vibration at the handle is reduced 25% or more

  • Tie straps help oil stay on where it's needed - the chain

  • Top-plate witness mark makes accurate sharpening easier

. 325" Full-Chisel Application

The high-performance chain for professional woodcutters who use .325" pitch saws.

  • Top performing square-corner chisel cutters

  • Bumper drive limk help reduce kickback

  • Top-plate witness marks accurate sharpening easier